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Thank you for visiting, your ideal source for all sorts of first rate toys and sport equipment’s. A quick surf of our website will unveil our wide collection of topnotch toys and sport equipment such as scooter, skateboards, Longboards, and many more. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our products with a heart on top-quality and classy

What We Do

High Bounce SportsĀ is a store where high-quality toys, games and sport equipments are sold. We sell our products with a target on two groups of customers. These are the end users (final consumers) as well as the wholesale customers. This is done with the goal of making everyone (kids, youths and old ones) have access to their favorite games and sport equipments as well as creating a good source of income for those who act as the wholesale consumers.

Our Vision

Right from the moment we founded High Bounce Sports, our vision was to help sport and game lovers bring out their best by making first rate games and sports equipment products available for them at affordable prices.

Why Shop With Us?

Guided by our passion for making everyone have access to their desire games and sports equipments, we created a brand where parents can easily shop for toys for their kids. This is done in a bid to ensure you have all your gaming and sport needs at your disposal. We work hard to meet our goal which is to exceed your expectations and not just to meet them.

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